Friday, July 1, 2011

The overall design of this poster is pretty amazing. Its no surprise that the design of it was from the implementation of mathematics. The black background dotted with a white circular pattern is very reminiscent of a astronomical illustration or something along those lines. Described as "A universe composed of dots evokes infinite time and space." Designed by Takenobu Igarashi for the 1984 Kanagawa Art Festival, this poster is designed to show a universe as time and space continues it's expansion. If one doesn't take the circle into account. It interesting how many of the dots don't follow any particular full pattern. The dots by size follow together but in some instances are randomly near small dots, much like a actually solar system or expanding universe would . I really like the simplicity of it. Although, I know the design was created using grids and mathematical layouts which is not so simple when your actually doing it. Its a very impressive design.



  1. Black hole, Galaxy, Night city, Fish eye, glass Union ?!!!
    This is really interesting !