Sunday, May 15, 2011

Creative Brief II

Identification:  Created by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen in 1896, The poster entitled "Tournee du chat noir" was one of his first Paris commissions for Le Chat Noir. This particular poster is but one of several cat poster he created for the 19th century cabaret.

Project: The purpose of Steinlen's work on this poster was simply for advertising of the cabaret. Advertising of Le Chat Noir, Salis and Aristide Bruant. A frequent performer and singer at the cabaret. 

Client: The client of this project was Le Chat Noir. French for  "The Black Cat".  This was  a 19th century entertainment club or cabaret based in Paris, France  in the Bohemian Montmartre district of the city. It was own and operated by Rodolphe Salis.

Intended Audience: The intended Audience was mostly french men and or any passerby. The status of the club slow grew over the years and expanded it's audience to foreigners whom were in Paris. According to Rodolphe Salis, "The Chat Noir is the most extraordinary cabaret in the world. You rub shoulders with the most famous men of Paris, meeting there with foreigners from every corner of the world."

Core Message: The core message is very direct. A black cat! "The Black Cat" Le Chat Noir. It gets to the point of the message almost instantly. Specially if you are a frenchmen living in Paris or almost anywhere in France during the 19th century when word of this night club is spreading around.

Graphic Strategy: The graphic strategy used for this poster is simple yet extremely affective. Le Chat Noir, The Black Cat. Steinlen places a black cat on the poster dominating a large portion of space on the poster. He also uses nice fairly bold contrasting colors, that compliment the large black cat. As well as Decorative text with black beginning letters.


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