Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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The Industrial Revolution seemed to have taken the world by storm and greatly improved the methods in which almost everything was done. These improvements also spread through the printing and art and graphics world. Photograph made its way onto the stage and gradually transformed the way in which people viewed their landscape, events, as well as other people. Printing, Print Graphics and other artistic professions benefited from the Revolution as well.  A surge in printing and publications etc, catapulted some of these industries into national brands, and as these printing companies as well as other industries grew, the demand for more output, mechanization and people increased as well. Along with the increase in production, the quality of work also improved, this in-turn produced much better products which increased demand as well. The Industrial Revolution was like the innovative/technical renaissance for the world, it definitely helped to bring about the world we live in today and the graphic design world would not be what it is today without that period of innovation.

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