Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The film was definitely a learning experience. It showed the passion in which fellow artists and designers have for Type. Being there using, touching and being apart of the process of creating print and graphics with physical woodcut type, machine presses is surely a real eye opener. It shows the disconnect we as designers will have to contend with, with the increased use of computers and their playing a major role in design work today.
It would be awful to see the museum fade away as some of the original crafts people get older. The one guy seems to be the leading force in keeping the museum open and maintaining the all the type stock. It would be great to see a larger afford by artists and designers all over the country keep this place up and functional. And although it possibly wouldn't appeal to a majority of people (non-artist/designer). A small community of followers would love to travel to the museum take part in sometime historic to a profession. I would hope it will continue to be attraction for designers presently and for future generations. It would definitely benefit from more and more advertising nationally.

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