Sunday, May 15, 2011

Durer Rhino

Out of all the imagery that we covered over the week, I found this image to be one of the most interesting. Created by master artist Albrecht Durer from a sketch and description sent from Spain. He created this woodcut illustration of what he thought a rhinoceros would have looked like. Appearance wise, this rhino's skin plating is very different compared to the modern rhinoceros we are so familiar with. The body shape is practically the same. I just find it interesting that a man who has never seem a animal such as this, was able to draw it so accurately. The fascinating idea about this illustration is that what if the rhino really did look like this. An earlier evolution of the species, seen by humans and not too old on the Prehistoric and Geologic Timeline.


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  1. It is surprisingly accurate, isn't it? I think the level of detail is so impressive – he was a true artist. One wonders how much artistic interpretation he took with this, too.